EcoZone Window & Glass Microfibre Cloth – Product Review

Welcome along everyone! I do hope you are keeping well?

We have had a crazy couple of weeks, so slightly behind with our blogging. We had a lot of snow, frozen water pipes outside so rationing the water for a week. We then had a reprieve and then more snow lol!

Anywho, onto the micro-cloth. The reason behind purchasing it was due to my eco company not holding stock of the window cleaning spray and this was the alternative. This cloth promised a lot without the use of chemicals. One of my customers had ordered this and was raving about how good it was so I decided to give it a go.

When it arrived in my delivery, I took it our of the box and was surprised by the texture. I was expecting a soft, fluffy cloth like a lot of microfibre cloths I have used in the past. This was rougher, thinner to touch than a conventional microfibre and very large!

I dampened the cloth with water, wiped my windows and doors, then went over with the dry side. We get a lot of dust from our multi-fuel stove and also our dog Lilly puts her noes on the door glass when she is waiting to come back in. So plenty of dust and marks for a good trial of the product. Here are the results, before and after!

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Now I live with a chronic joint condition, so cannot scrub hard without causing pain to myself. With this cloth, I didn’t have to scrub, just wipe gently whilst it is damp and again with it dry. I had no streaks on the glass and everything looked sparkly! The fact that this item uses no chemicals and is reusable makes my heart sing! I can use this over and over, wash and use again and have guilt free cleaning.

Thank you ecozone for creating such a fantastic product! 5 stars from me! 😀

Until next time, here is some of what we have been through the last few weeks!

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