Faith in nature, lavender & geranium shower gel – Product Review

Glad your here! I have now been chemical free for roughly 5 months and it’s been fab! I have noticed my skin has improved as I have suffered with eczema for many years…until now! Time will only tell as it always flares with weather changes and predominant in the summer. I have had customer feedback saying the same thing , great news that their skin is doing good too.

The Survey

Hey everyone! Following on from our last blog post, we now take you to our survey day! This was just over a week on from our test-drive. By this point, we had put our deposit down and paid up-front for our survey to be done. Unfortunately Adam couldn’t take the day off work, so it…

Bio-D Washing Up Liquid – Product Review

Again, like most of these products I was very sceptical at first. How can something without chemicals get things clean? Well, I am pleased to say that it really and truly does! It’s great on tough grease and everything is squeaky clean

The Test run…

I think by this point, the narrowboat dream was starting to sink in and that we were buying one. A lot of emotions were running through me, I couldn’t sleep the night before as I was too excited, nervous, terrified, anxious, joyous and more. 

He took us onto the narrowboat, started the engine, helped us untie her and explained what to do with the ropes. Once we were moving slowly, he was demonstrating how she moved with the tiller, how we ‘break’ (hit reverse), how to do tight corners.

How it all began…

I was absolutely against it for a variety of reasons, work, family and my imagination running riot thinking about living in such a small cramped space. I was extremely closed minded about the idea and always shot it down when it was mentioned.