Faith in nature, lavender & geranium shower gel – Product Review

Glad your here! I have now been chemical free for roughly 5 months and it’s been fab! I have noticed my skin has improved as I have suffered with eczema for many years…until now! Time will only tell as it always flares with weather changes and predominant in the summer. I have had customer feedback saying the same thing , great news that their skin is doing good too.

Bio-D Washing Up Liquid – Product Review

Again, like most of these products I was very sceptical at first. How can something without chemicals get things clean? Well, I am pleased to say that it really and truly does! It’s great on tough grease and everything is squeaky clean

Soapnut shampoo bar product review!

Soapnut shampoo bars are a great product. They are SLS free, Palm oil free and paraben free! As well as all of this, they are also vegan friendly and cruelty free. I have now been using my soapnut shampoo bar for roughly 4 months and I am only just thinking about replacing it. As I…

Soap nuts – Product review

We was originally told about these from a fellow narrowboater. They informed us that they are chemical free, natural and sustainable. So after looking into them, they sound great and wondered how clean my clothes would be without all the usual chemicals. I was extremely suprised by the results! The clothes came out very clean,…

Hello world!

Welcome to our blog 🙂 We are a husband and wife team trying to live as eco friendly as possible. We will be reviewing products we use, advice on where to buy them from and more. Our first review will be up shortly as we are very excited to get this blog going 😀 The…